EP 30 – Nomadic Addict: Zac Spowart’s Spiritual Recovery Journey

Join Gary Menkes as he sits down with Zac Spowart, also known as the Nomadic Addict, in this powerful and inspiring episode. Zac opens up about his personal journey of overcoming alcohol addiction and embracing sobriety, all while living a life of purpose and adventure.

From his upbringing in Monterey, California, to his high energy and excitable personality, Zac shares the ups and downs that led him to his battle with alcohol addiction. He candidly recounts the harrowing experiences that pushed him to seek treatment and make the life-changing decision to get sober.

But Zac’s story doesn’t stop there. With a newfound appreciation for life and a passion for travel, he has embarked on a mission to inspire others to explore the world, celebrate life, and create unforgettable experiences. Through his project, Nomadic Addict, Zac combines his love for travel with his expertise in counseling, focusing on mental health awareness and personality disorders.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights from Zac’s incredible journey. Discover the importance of living life on your own terms, the power of gratitude and acceptance, and the impact of embracing sobriety. Get ready to be moved by Zac’s raw honesty and his unwavering mission to inspire others to overcome their own challenges and live a life filled with purpose and adventure.


The views and opinions expressed by our guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the stand or beliefs of the host or the podcast. We aim to provide a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, fostering open and respectful discussions. We encourage critical thinking and forming your own conclusions. Enjoy the show!

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About Our Guest (Zac Spowart)

Zac Spowart is a seasoned adventurer and travel enthusiast who has spent years exploring the world and documenting his experiences. With a passion for discovering new cultures and immersing himself in different environments, Zac has become a go-to source for travel inspiration.

Through his Instagram account, @nomadicaddictt, Zac shares captivating photos and stories from his journeys, showcasing the beauty of our planet and inspiring others to embark on their own adventures. For more travel tips and insights, be sure to visit Zac’s website, https://www.NomadicAddictt.com/. Follow Zac on Instagram and join him on his next escapade.

Show Notes

  • [01:12] Gary Menkes interviews Zach Spowart, also known as the Nomadic Addict, who shares his mission to inspire others to travel the world, celebrate life, and create memorable experiences while living a life of sobriety. 
  • [02:20] Zac talks about his upbringing in Monterey, California, with a good family life, but acknowledges that sometimes “sh*t happens” and everyone has their own journey and path. 
  • [03:41] Zac mentions his high energy and excitable personality, which can be both a blessing and a curse, and how he felt a heavy sense of existence and anxiety from a young age. 
  • [05:41] Zac shares his personal journey with alcohol addiction, starting from using it as a solution to calm his mind and stomach, to facing legal consequences that ultimately led him to get sober and stay sober. 
  • [09:34] Zac shares a harrowing personal experience about his alcohol addiction at the age of 21, where he found himself in ripped clothes, asking strangers for clothing, all while prioritizing getting drunk outside a liquor store near a dumpster. 
  • [10:39] Gary reflects on his journey of realizing his drinking problem, battling it daily without even knowing, and the impact it had on his morals and relationships, until his girlfriend, now wife, reminded him that actions speak louder than words. 
  • [12:02] Zac reflects on the importance of acknowledging his past mistakes and the impact of alcohol on his actions.
  • [14:39] Zac talks about his motivation for seeking treatment and the importance of internal motivation, as well as the concept of playing out the tape to avoid relapse. 
  • [16:27] Zac discusses his perspective on alcohol and its impact on his life.
  • [18:31] Gary talks about the importance of simplicity in life and how he struggled with alcoholism, sharing his experiences of being unable to drink safely and the abnormal behavior that came with it. 
  • [20:45] Zac discusses his experience studying addiction counseling and co-occurring disorders at Hazen Betty Ford, as well as his burnout in the treatment facility industry and his decision to pursue a master’s in business from Pepperdine, leading to new opportunities and an entrepreneurial mindset for his project, Nomadic Addict. 
  • [22:33] Zac shares his long-term goal of turning his travel venture into a nonprofit to sponsor sober travels.
  • [24:20] Zac shares the story behind the name “Nomadic Addict” and how it represents his nomadic lifestyle, recovery journey, and the concept of having faith in not needing to know where life will take him. 
  • [25:57] Zac shares his journey of overcoming addiction, finding his passion for ocean conservation, and the unexpected opportunities and connections that have come his way since getting sober, including swimming with sperm whales and diving with renowned marine conservationist Ocean Ramsey. 
  • [30:23] Zac shares his heartfelt appreciation for the gift of life, despite his struggles with suicidal thoughts, and his passion for sharing that appreciation with others who are open to receiving it. 
  • [34:24] Zac shares his journey of finding peace and freedom by living in the moment and embracing the opportunities that come his way.
  • [37:07] Zac discusses the concept of breaking free from societal constraints and living life on one’s own terms, drawing inspiration from Tony Robbins and his own experiences.
  • [41:23] Zac shares a heartwarming story about a friend who lost his right hand in a wakeboarding accident and how he embraced a positive attitude of gratitude and determination to adapt to his new reality.
  • [43:41] Zac shares his perspective on gratitude, acceptance, and appreciation in life.
  • [46:19] Zac discusses his passion project NomadicAddict.com and his newly launched YouTube channel, which aims to blend his love for travel with his expertise in counseling and focus on mental health awareness and personality disorders.

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About Gary Menkes

Gary Menkes was born and raised in Port Washington, NY and struggled with alcoholism since his early teens which took him to places he never wants to go again and which took a toll on his health, relationships and professional endeavors. However, Gary completely transformed his life when he was given the gift of sobriety on May 13, 2006. Determined to break free from the cycle of self-destruction, he embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery.

Today, Gary is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous in New York, married to the love of his life and father of two amazing children of which he owes all to his sobriety. Gary is now launching his own podcast, The Begin Again Podcast.