EP 12 – Breaking Free: The Story of Michael Molthan, M2 The Rock

In this powerful episode of The Begin Again podcast, we delve deep into the gripping and inspiring journey of Michael Molthan as he shares his personal battle with addiction. Join us as we uncover the raw emotions, vulnerabilities, and triumphs that shaped Michael’s path to sobriety.

This captivating episode takes you on a rollercoaster ride through Michael’s darkest moments, as he courageously unveils the depths of his addiction and the impact it had on his life. From the gripping lows of despair to the awe-inspiring highs of redemption, Michael’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Through heartfelt conversations and introspective reflections, Michael takes us through the pivotal moments that led him to confront his addiction head-on. With unflinching honesty, he shares the struggles, setbacks, and breakthroughs that ultimately guided him towards a life of recovery and hope.

As you listen to Michael’s journey, you’ll be captivated by his unwavering determination and the unwavering support of his loved ones. This episode serves as an invaluable resource for anyone grappling with addiction, offering insights, empathy, and a roadmap for finding light in the darkest of times.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, guidance, or simply a relatable story of triumph over adversity, Gary Menkes presents Michael Molthan’s addiction journey as a beacon of hope. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of resilience, and discover the strength within ourselves to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles.

Tune in to The Begin Again Podcast and be prepared to be moved, inspired, and empowered by Michael Molthan’s incredible story of finding hope amidst the depths of addiction. 


The views and opinions expressed by our guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the stand or beliefs of the host or the podcast. We aim to provide a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, fostering open and respectful discussions. We encourage critical thinking and forming your own conclusions. Enjoy the show!

About Our Guest (Michael Molthan)

Michael Molthan, also known as M2 The Rock, was once a highly successful luxury home builder. However, his life took a dark turn due to drug and alcohol addiction. With twenty-seven arrests and a period of homelessness, it wasn’t until he faced a nearly four-year jail sentence that he began to see clearly. Through his time behind bars, Michael experienced a profound spiritual awakening and used his own rock bottom moments to mentor others in prison. Today, M2 The Rock has expanded his platform beyond media by creating a charity that offers resources and services to those in need. Alongside his motivational content, the charity connects individuals with Michael and other Certified Recovery Coaches, while also providing programs and resources from leading addiction recovery organizations across the country. Michael’s personal journey serves as a powerful example of how one can transform their life and find fulfillment and purpose after hitting rock bottom. 

Connect with Michael Molthan: www.M2TheRock.com

Follow him on Instagram: www.instagram.com/m2therock/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/M2THEROCKSHOW

YouTubeChannel: www.youtube.com/c/M2TheRockShow

Show Notes

[01:13] Gary Menkes introduces guest, Michael Molthan, also known as M2TheRock.

[02:57] Michael shares his journey of addiction and recovery, emphasizing the importance of support group meetings and anonymity to create a safe space for newcomers to feel accepted and understood.

[05:00] Michael discusses the importance of turning one’s will and life over to a higher power, attending meetings, working the 12 steps, and finding a sponsor. 

[06:08] Michael shares his journey from being homeless and struggling with addiction to finding the solution to fear and resentment.

[09:13] Gary reflects on his journey in recovery, discussing his initial lack of understanding of fear and resentment, his realization of being afraid of everything, the importance of living in faith rather than fear, and the realization that most of his fears are projections of the future that never actually happen.

[12:52] Michael discusses his experience with helping people struggling with addiction and the importance of setting boundaries, directing them to resources on the website, and connecting them with someone in recovery.

[14:28] Michael shares how hitting rock bottom led him to a transformative awakening while incarcerated, where he found hope and a new perspective on life. 

[16:29] Michael shares his transformative journey of finding peace and purpose through reading and serving inmates.

[18:28] Michael shares his unexpected journey from being locked up to becoming an influencer and speaker, and how a profound moment of reading to a fellow inmate led to a spiritual awakening and a release from prison through forgiveness.

[20:33] Michael discusses the importance of forgiveness and how holding onto resentment can hinder our personal growth and ability to help others, drawing inspiration from Matthew 6:14-15. 

[21:58] Michael discusses hitting rock bottom and how he realized that his character defects, such as resentment and anger, were the true cause of his downfall, and how he found redemption through God and the support of other men in recovery. 

[24:09] Gary discusses the importance of speaking out and sharing fears, overcoming societal expectations of masculinity, surrendering control, and recognizing the role of ego in relationships and communication.

[26:06] Michael discusses the difference between being scared and feeling fear, how he used alcohol and drugs to escape his fears and stay in the present moment, and the negative consequences it had on his mental health and life. 

[27:36] Michael shares the role of codependency and anger as addictive behaviors, describing how they can create a vicious cycle of plotting and seeking revenge.

[29:32] Michael discusses the phases of recovery, including the detox phase, the pink cloud or honeymoon phase, and the danger of feeling too much hope in early recovery.

[31:35] Michael reflects on the importance of doing a self-inventory and finding a solution to resentment in order to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. 

[33:03] Gary reflects on the transformative power of Step Four in his recovery journey and how writing down his experiences and sharing them with his sponsor helped him gain a deeper understanding of his past and its impact on his behaviors, leading to a significant breakthrough in his relationship with his father.

[37:39] Michael discusses the importance of Step Four in the 12-step program, emphasizing that it allows individuals to discover their spiritual gifts and recognize their character defects, leading to personal growth and recovery.

[41:51] Michael discusses how people who don’t have problems with drugs and alcohol can still relate to seeking visible things to fix invisible problems.

[43:44] Michael discusses how willingness, once seen as a character defect, has become a spiritual gift that drives him to stay clean and sober, live by faith, and use his communication skills as an asset to be transparent and share his experiences with others.

[45:42] Michael emphasizes the importance of honesty and admitting powerlessness over addiction in support group meetings.

[49:02] Michael discusses the solution to drug addiction and alcoholism, emphasizing the importance of addicts and alcoholics working with each other and the need for a voice of recovery to provide solutions rather than just discussing statistics. 

[52:43] Michael shares his transformation and how he showcases his Christian values through his actions rather than announcing them.

[54:30] Michael how the disease has saturated the market and emphasizes the need for recovery to saturate the market.

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About Gary Menkes

Gary Menkes was born and raised in Port Washington, NY and struggled with alcoholism since his early teens which took him to places he never wants to go again and which took a toll on his health, relationships and professional endeavors. However, Gary completely transformed his life when he was given the gift of sobriety on May 13, 2006. Determined to break free from the cycle of self-destruction, he embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery.

Today, Gary is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous in New York, married to the love of his life and father of two amazing children of which he owes all to his sobriety. Gary is now launching his own podcast, The Begin Again Podcast.